ART Discussion 2

For this journal, visit the website and explore the different topics offered there. Select videos from the menu bar at the top, starting with the one about Color and Symbolism.Please take the Global Color Survey, too.Topic: Do we ever really consider how color effects our lives? It’s all around us, influencing us in so many different ways from how we dress, to food and decorating choices. But sometimes we become so used to colors being there that we tend not to always notice their impact on us. Did you find out any information that may have surprised you on the website?What colors do you personally respond to the most? Bright colors like red and yellow? Or more subdued blues? Why do you think you like some colors better than others?And, consider this also, what would the world be like without color, with everything appearing to our eyes as values of black and white?Note: Each student is expected to post a thread (5pts) and then post a response to at least one of your classmates (5pts) for a total of 10pts. Each post should be at least a paragraph in length (5 sentences or more). If you cannot reach a full paragraph in your response, try responding to more than one of your peers. Please review the rubric for this assignment before you begin working.