Art Drawing Research

✅ Research: Search Google/images to explore and discover a drawing for each of 5 artists which appear

near the bottom of this assignment explanation. Each drawing you choose must exhibit the

characteristics of exterior (silhouette) contour lines and the interior contour lines of the entire subject.

Download one example of each of the 5 artists’ drawings.

✅ Make a list in Word : It must contain your name and roster number and the following information for

each artist:

A. The name of the artist

B. The title of the drawing

C. The year the drawing was made

D. The drawing medium used ( graphite, ink etc.)

✅ File formats for submission:

1. One PDF having your name and roster number as the file’s name. The PDF contents will consist

of your full name and roster number and the list of each artists name and the related information

for each artists’ drawing.

2. Five JPEG or PNG images, each named with a number and name which corresponds to the

number of the artist in your list.


Robin Adams 14.PDF Inside this PDF, for example, is a list with number 1. being:

Albrecht Dürer. So that artist’s drawing is: 1- Albrecht Dürer.PNG

1 – Albrecht Dürer.PNG

2 – Leonardo da Vinci.PNG

3 – Philip Pearlstein .PNG

4 – Andy Warhol .PNG

5 – Andrew Wyeth.PNG


This assignment requires drawings which have obvious contour lines. Do not choose drawings which

depend on various areas of light and shadow to define edges and shapes. The emphasis on this drawing

assignment is identifying naturalistic drawings having correctly proportioned contour lines which define