article critique: Analyze the information and decisions made by a health care

Find an article that focuses on and covers a health care organization’s financial management decisions.  

Analyze the information and decisions made by that organization. Did they make the most effective decisions? Where may they have fallen short? Were there any factors that influenced the outcome that were outside of the organization’s control?

Here are some possible topic options:

  •   Retirement benefits for employees

  •   Sinking funds

  •   Expansion/investment opportunities

  •   Effects of interest rates

  •   Effects of the early 2000s economic crisis 

    Your Article Critique should include:

  •   An introduction

  •   A summary of the main points

  •   Your analysis

o Positive decisions made by the organization 

o Negative decisions

o Factors outside of the organization’s control

A conclusion

Article Critique must be at least two pages long and use APA formatting