Article leadership

Presentation/Article Critique:PresentationSelected journal article (2010-2022) related to administration, management, or leadership in public health. After a brief introduction, your presentation must cover information in the article, what you found valuable, any information about effective administration style, administrator characteristics or qualifications, and the work environment/workplace condition. Also, include your discussion about your analyses and critiques of the article based on the course information. Lastly, develop questions for class discussion about the article and list your reference.PowerPoints: On first slide, include date of your presentation, the topic and full name. After the first slide at the beginning of your presentation, you are encouraged to include a slide with a photo & name and a message/quote selected that is empowering or inspiring for students in class. Your reference (one article) is listed at the end/last slide.Post your presentation topic on the “Schedule of  Presentation” on Canvas during the class session and no later than one week prior to your presentation. Do not post a topic that has already been taken by another team.Article selected: Nurse Manager Leadership Development Leveraging the Evidence and System-Level Support example attach for reference.