Assessing Change Control and Change Management, assignment help

Part of the accountant’s job is to assess change control and change management for the accounting information system.

Read Case 8-1: Assessing Change Control and Change Management at the end of Chapter 8 and complete the questions that follow.

CASE 8-1Assessing Change Control and Change Management

Read the article “Security Controls that Work” by Dwayne Melancon in the 2007 Issue, Volume 4 of the Information Systems Control Journal (available…). Write a report that answers the following questions:

  • 1.What are the differences between high-performing organizations and medium- and low-performing organizations in terms of normal operating performance? Detection of security breaches? Percentage of budget devoted to IT?
  • 2.Which controls were used by almost all high-performing organizations, but were not used by any low- or medium-performers?
  • 3.What three things do high-performing organizations never do?
  • 4.What metrics can an IT auditor use to assess how an organization is performing in terms of change controls and change management? Why are those metrics particularly useful?

See attached Case 8-1

Please make paper in APA Format. Please include a reference page and site sources within the paper.