Assessing Gaps and HR’s Role

Resources, both economic and human, are in a dynamic relationship of constant change. As an HR professional, it is your responsibility to stay up-to-date on these changes and recognize that there is rarely a clear-cut solution to any problem or situation. In other words, your position is to keep all the significant players at the table and engaged in a dialogue in order to reach the best possible policy, procedure, or statement. Thus, your challenge is to stay current on the many issues related to your business, as well as HR, and the many cultures in which we operate. For this discussion, please complete the following:Explain what would you do to keep current on vital information for a multinational company that is either expanding or contracting.Develop a strategy for you and your HR colleagues to stay current.Review the resources presented in Unit 1 and any other resources you may find. Keep in mind that you should draw on more than what you read—for example, consider interviewing other HR professionals.Refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to ensure you meet all of the criteria of the discussion. This will be the expectation of all discussions in this course, unless stated otherwise.