Assignment 02: Calculating Net Worth

HA4200D – Healthcare Financial ManagementAssignment 02: Calculating Net WorthOrganizations calculate their financial net worth in order to show their financial health. A personal can also calculate their personal net worth by subtracting their liabilities from their assets. Using the steps below, identify and list assets and liabilities, then calculate your personal net worth.Directions.Step 1: Create a list all your personal assets and liabilities. You should list all your personal assets and liabilities. You should list at least 3-5 assets and 3-5 liabilities. Make sure to note if your asset and liability is a long-term or short-term asset and liability..Step 2: Once you have all your assets and liabilities listed and identified as long or short-term, determine the value of each asset and liability..Step 3: Using the information from your textbook and the personal Net Worth information from the Charles Swab personal net worth webpage, calculate your personal net worth. The formula for calculating net worth is below:Assets – Liabilities = Net WorthView the Assignment 02 Walk-Through for a detailed, step-by-step video about how to complete this assignment. (Transcript)Health Care Finance: Basic Tools for Nonfinancial Managers-Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61