Assignment 06: Governance, Leadership, and Integration

HA4120D – Management of Continuum Care ServicesAssignment 06: Governance, Leadership, and IntegrationDirectionsPrepare a 3-4 page, double-spaced  (cite 3-4 reliable sources) that addresses the following:• Elect an integrated healthcare organization that you are familiar with.• Discuss the overall relationship between the governing body and administration.• Discuss the regulations concerning the governing body.• Discuss the responsibilities of the governing body (develop mission/operational strategies, determine programs and services and monitor them, provide adequate resources and oversee effective management, ensure legal and ethical integrity of the organization, etc.).• Discuss functions of administration and specific responsibilities of the CEO.• Discuss the role of leadership in long-term care.• Detail potential problem areas in the board-administration relationship.• Detail financing integration strategies used in the coordination of care within your selected Integrated Health System.• Address the concept of vision and how administrators and board members can work together to share a common vision within their organization.Long-Term Care-Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61