Assignment Instructions

Answer the following questions based on the textbook, lecture notes, and this website:

Write the questions followed by your responses. Do not copy and paste information from the website.

1. What is Schizophrenia? Explain the symptoms and features of this disorder. – In no less than 100 words

2. What are the types of Schizophrenia? Identify and define each type – in no less than 100 words

3. What are the risk factors and causes of Schizophrenia? No less than 100 words

4. What are the treatment options for this disorder? No less than 100 words

Other Instructions for this assignment

a) Fully answer all questions explaining and giving factual details. When necessary give examples and perhaps your life experiences.

b) Use APA writing format, double spacing, in-text citation, references etc.

c). Do not copy and paste information. Paraphrase the information.