assignment – 1 and half page

Q1: In classes in literature and writing, fine arts, and the humanities, you welcome the opportunity to express your response to fine things in comments that are sincere and meaningful. This assignment allows you the opportunity to give a response to an artistic creation. In paragraph format only, interpret, express appreciation, and give your emotional impact of two films, Fences, Hidden Figures, or Loving (Choose two). Just give a reasoned basis for judgment and then an expression of your sincere and natural feeling in the presence of a great work of art. Remember that this assignment is journal writing, which addresses the personal.



Answer the questions in essay format (one page only):

  • Why was the port of New Orleans so important to all the countries fighting in this war?
  • Describe the beginning of the Battle at dusk on land, and the Battle at sea at night
  • What important city did the British burn?
  • Why the area around New Orleans is called the “Crescent City”?
  • Although Major General Jackson had US infantry in his for this battle, who are the other local people who joined in the fight?
  • Why did the British Naval Fleet commanded by Admiral Alexander Cochrane have to stop so far from land?
  • What did they have to do to get men and artillery onto land and through the swamps?
  • What was General Pakenham’s battle plan? Did it work?
  • How and what was the effect did the weather have on the Battle?
  • At the Battle of East Bank, how many Americans and British troops die?

use this youtube link: