assignment 2 10,21,20

For the second part of this discussion, please review the Ch 1 opening case that examines Google’s tremendous success as well as the challenges that the global organization faces in recruiting and retaining talented, in-demand employees. In addition to maintaining a skilled and committed workforce, Google also strives to recruit and retain individuals who will be a good fit with the organization in terms of vision, work style, and professional ethics.To gain further insight and knowledge about Google, visit its (Links to an external site.)and explore the content under “Company” in the “About Google” section.Let’s discuss three different hypothetical scenarios with regard to this case. Select one or more and share your perspective.1. Assume you are a Google employee. Describe what you would do to develop your internal social capital and your external social capital.2. Assume you will graduate from business school later this year and were fortunate enough to get a job interview with Google. Explain, in terms of human and social capital, how you would promote or sell yourself in that interview.3. Assume you are a manager responsible for hiring at Google. Describe how you could use Google’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to both attract new talent and retain existing talent.Participation credit in the weekly discussions will be based on the following structure:Quantity:Each student must make a minimum of three posts for each discussion – one main post that answers the question(s) presented by the professor, and two replies to posts made by your peers.  The main post must be a minimum of 300 words in length and made by Friday evening at 11:59pm ET.  The reply posts must be approximately 75-100 words in length and may be made any time before Sunday evening when the week closes at 11:59pm ET.Quality:All posts must be substantive, relevant, and respectful, and contribute value to the discussion.  “I agree” types of posts are fine to make, but they do not count towards the minimum posting requirement.