Assignment #4.

Post your topic for Assignment #4. Select one of the following health management areas and the associated health services organization. You need to identify BOTH the subject from the topic list AND the associated specific health services organization you will analyze.For example, Electronic Health Records in a Long Term Care facility is NOT sufficient.  You need to research a specific long term care facility that you will be able to access their four required policies (four separate policies, or MAJOR parts of a comprehensive policy – for example, HR Policy covering all aspects of HR in the organization) online to be able to complete the assignment.Thus, you need to conduct a bit of online research on which specific organization (do not chose a government agency that actually makes the law/rules) you will select to conduct the analysis on for your stated topic.Submit both the topic AND organization.You will be charged with mapping out and describing four (4) organizational policies (or parts of a larger policy) linked to federal or state legislative mandates. The same topic area/organization combination cannot be used by any two students. Unless the professor reaches out to you directly, your chosen topic is approved.Facilities Planning and MaintenanceOccupational Health & SafetyPrevention Programs for Health DisparitiesPayment Processing and BillingHuman ResourcesHealth Information Technology and EMRPharmacy ServicesLaboratory ServicesSupply Chain Medical Equipment/TechnologyPatient/Customer and Community RelationsStrategic Planning and New Service DevelopmentAdvertising or MarketingInternal Quality ControlDirect Patient Care