Autism ASD Discussion

1) In your own words, describe and provide examples of “sensory soothing” and “sensory seeking” behaviors. How might the concepts underlying these terms help to explain the associations between sensory-perceptual anomolies and restrictive-repetitive behaviors in individuals with ASD? What implications might this information have for the treatment of repetitive sensory-motor stereotypies (RSMs)?

2) “Impaired integration” is cited several times in Chapter 9 as a likely contributory cause of behaviors typical in ASD. Identify and provide your thoughts on at least two of these possible causal links. How might impaired integration at the neuropsychological level result from brain abnormalities associated with ASD?

3) Facial expression of emotion is a central component of nonverbal communication. Describe what is known about the ability of people with ASD (a) to interpret others’ facial expressions of emotion and (b) to use appropriate facial expressions themselves.

4) Watch and listen (e.g., YouTube, TV show, etc.) to one or more filmed conversations between a person with ASD and a non-autistic person. Describe the aspects of the conversation that would be considered abnormal or unusual. If you find the conversation online, provide the link.