BA 317: Marketing: Creating Value for Customers Harley Davidson

Discussion: Harley Davidson Segmentation, total word count: 350

BA 317: Marketing: Creating Value for Customers

Dr. Frank R Veltri

Before you begin, make sure you’ve carefully read the Discussion Information document located in the Course Documents Module. There you will find exactly how to organize and engage in discussion, as well as the criteria by which your contributions will be assessed. There is an example there and details about the process of dialogue I expect in these discussions.

For this week’s discussion questions, you will apply the theory and knowledge from Chapter 9 –Segmentation and Target Market.

Discussion Questions:

  1. In your view, what is the brand personality of Harley-Davidson?
  2. How would you segment the motorcycle industry? What segments can you identify?
  3. How does Harley-Davidson maintain its competitive advantage (position in the market)?

Background Story (context)

The cultural products of subcultures, especially of countercultural groups such as punks or outlaw bikers, may have strong stylistic appeal to certain segments of society while being regarded with fear, revulsion, or awe by others. Harley Davidson knows exactly what it is, and how it’s viewed through the public’s eyes, particularly its enthusiasts. The motorcycle manufacturer has wholly embraced its identity as the vehicular embodiment of ‘freedom’, ‘individualism’, ‘rebellion’, and the ‘American way’.

What was once real is now virtual, and the new customers it must find and inspire to buy its bikes don’t socialize in the same ways as those old white men do. The distance from a FB “like” to a logo tattoo is vast.

Harley-Davidson embraces its identity and has built a brand community. It has capitalized and tapped into current consumer behaviors and trends. It sponsor and organizes events relevant to motorcycle tribes. Harley Davidson associates their brand with key societal institutions.

Resources: Listed below are a few web sites to help answer these questions. You will need to find additional web sites to help you answer these questions.

Marketing Strategy of Harley Davidson – Harley Davidson Strategy:

Harley-Davidson CMO: We Aren’t an Auto Brand:

Marketing to Women: Can Harley-Davidson inspire more women to become easy riders?