Bachelors Capstone in Mgmt. Discussion Post help

“Improving the Efficiency, Accuracy, and Cost Effectiveness of Core Business Activities” by IBM Software Group

“How a Fortune-500 Process Can Help Your Firm Reduce Errors” by Peter J. Sherman and Peggy B. Sherman, J. D. (search in the Kaplan Online Library)


IBM Software Group (2011). Improving the efficiency, accuracy, and cost effectiveness of core business activities. Thought Leadership White Paper, 1–20. Retrieved from

Sherman, P. J., & Sherman, P. B. (2007). How a fortune-500 process can help your firm reduce errors. Journal of Financial Planning, 2010–2012.

Topic 1:

Information technology

Read, Improving the Efficiency, Accuracy, And Cost Effectiveness of Core Business Activities and distinguish how advances in information technology have changed the way businesses are conducted. Briefly discuss how information management systems can increase levels of effectiveness and efficiency in organizations.