Basic Critical Thinking-3

To prepare for solving a problem, we must first acknowledge that the problem exists. Then, we must accept it, and clearly define or identify it. Finally, we must commit to solving the problem. Without some degree of personal commitment, the problems that we acknowledge, accept, and identify might never be resolved.

1.  Using a current local or international newspaper, identify an important local, national, or international concern that needs to be solved. 

2.  Using the articles you found as a resource, explain the concern using the five “Problem Solving Methods” found on page 104 of your textbook. (1- List the benefits 2- Formalize your acceptance. 3- Accept responsibility for your life. 4- Create a “worst-case” Scenario. 5- Identify what’s holding you back.)

Use Microsoft Word to respond to your problem.  Your response should consist of 1-2 pages.

Cite your articles using APA guidelines.  Visit the APA Guide for assistance with APA formatting.