Benchmarking An Organization to Toyota, management homework help

Select an organization that needs improvement. You will be benchmarking the organization’s management style, operations systems and performance improvement solutions against Toyota’s. Benchmarking is comparing an organization’s business processes and performance to the best practices of other companies that are considered the industry’s best. In this process, leadership learn the practices and processes that make the best firms successful. They can then apply these best practices to their organization to improve their practices and processes.

Research Toyota’s Management Style, Toyota Production System (TPS) and Toyota Lean Enterprise solutions. Research the team’s selected organization including their needs for improvement.

Write a 700-to 1050-word paper in which you compare the practices and processes of the organization you selected against Toyota.

Address each of the following in your paper:

Describe the organization and it’s needs for improvement.

Benchmark your selected public organization needing better Lean Enterprise solutions to Toyota as follows:

Compare and contrast the management style(s) within your selected organization with Toyota’s.

Compare and contrast the best practices and lean initiatives of your organization versus those of Toyota.

Evaluate how benchmarked best practices can be integrated into your selected organization.

Describe how applying the industry’s best practices can affect organizational behavior.

Explain how Benchmarking can facilitate the change process to improve an organization’s performance.