BHA415 Module 1 Case:

Shi, L. (2014). Overview of health policy. In Introduction to health policy (pp. 3-27). Chicago: Health Administration Press. Please See Attachment with Reading ReferenceShi, L. (2014). Federal health policymaking. In Introduction to health policy (pp. 31-52). Chicago: Health Administration Press.Shi, L. (2014). Health policymaking at the state and local levels and in the private sector. In Introduction to health policy (pp. 53-73). Chicago:POLICYMAKING IN THE GOVERNMENT AND THE PRIVATE SECTORAssignment OverviewHealth policymaking happens at all levels of government and for a wide variety of topics. The private sector also plays a considerable role in the process. This assignment will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of how policymaking happens in government and the roles of various entities as well as the numerous stakeholders.Homework Case AssignmentAfter reading the background materials for Module 1, please address the following questions.· Compare and contrast policymaking at the federal, state, and local levels. How are they similar? How are they different?· What is the role of the private sector in policymaking?· Identify the various stakeholders in health policymaking. Why is it important to seek input from all involved?Assignment Expectations1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to justify/support your analysis.2. Limit your response to a maximum of 3 pages.3. Support your paper with a minimum of 3 reliable sources. The course textbook counts as one, and at least one of the others should be a peer-reviewed article. Use the following link for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals: Please use the following resource for evaluating information found on the internet to ensure that you are using reliable sources: You may use the following source to assist in your formatting your assignment: