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Goal: Create a case study analysis based on two scholarly studies that focus on different elements of human behavior (individual differences, personality, culture, or ethics) and its impact on the functionality of organizations/businesses. After a concise, but thorough, analyses of the cases, summarize the benefits of understanding these components of human behavior in the practice of organizational management.

Presentation Option: You may write a 600-750 word case study analysis of the two cases in APA format, or you may create a minimum 4-minute YouTube video that presents the case study analysis. With both presentation options, you need to include the two articles of the cases you examine as uploads along with your work. If you choose to make a video, create it in YouTube so that only a link needs to be submitted here (recommended). Or, you may upload an MP4, QuickTime video, or equivalent (under 25MB; larger files not allowed for upload).

Instructions: Students will write a 600-750 word (or create a minimum 4-minute video) case study analysis based on two different cases that involve differing elements of human behavior (individual differences, personality, culture, or ethics). Review the Case Study Analysis procedure used in the previous similar assignment (and see procedure below). Obtain your case study articles from scholarly peer-reviewed journals in the APUS online library. Use case studies that were published within the last ten years. After a concise, but thorough and clear delineation and analysis of the cases, complete the content with a summary of what you gleaned from studying these elements of human behavior as they relate to management practice within organizations.