BUS 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Week 7 Assignment 1

  • Leader Profile (Prework for Week 9 Assignment 3) – Submit Here

    In Assignment 3: Using Leadership to Improve Ethical Performance, you will conduct an interview with someone who you consider a leader (e.g., current or former boss, a pastor or spiritual advisor, a friend who can be considered a leader, etc.). You will then use the information that you gather during the interview to write about the leadership characteristics he / she possesses. Take a few minutes to review the specific criteria for Assignment 3 before you begin creating the Leader Profile. Next, complete the following steps:

    1. Identify an individual in your community that you believe to be leader.
      1. Contact the individual to determine if he / she will be able to participate in this project for school.
      2. Schedule an appointment to conduct an interview. Assignment 3 is due Week 9, so please plan accordingly.

    Note: As you think about the type of information you will need to gather from your chosen leader during the interview, use your outline from Assignment 2 as approved by your professor to guide your interview process.

    1. Submit the following information in a Word document:
      1. Provide a brief two [2] paragraph biography of the selected person, which includes a description of the individual, his / her job title, and name the organization where he / she works.