Deliverable Length: 800 words with a min. of 2 scholarly references


There are many elements and measures for workforce effectiveness. One
measure of effectiveness is that all employees within a specific job title, such
as program assistant, are held to the same standards.

want to be sure that all employees within the position of program assistant are
indeed required to meet and follow the same minimal standards. Using your course
materials and University references, discuss the process you would recommend to
implement the following:

Review current standards across all similar job titles

  • The process to make any changes necessary to ensure standards are similarly
  • The process for ensuring that these standards are regularly reviewed
    including the cycle and responsibilities


Objective: Establish performance standards for a job, select methods of performance
appraisal, and determine appropriate disciplinary action for a given






Do an Internet search, supported with references and in-text citations, for a
real company example that saw dramatic improvements as a result of adopting a
formal TQM program (pick any one). In your paper, cover the following specific


  • Name of the company, what it does, and the kind of competition it faces
  • The specific event or issue that drove it toward embarking on a formal
    quality improvement program
  • A description of any implementation challenges
  • What results were achieved (be specific)
  • Any disappointments or unresolved issues
  • What you learned from doing the research


Deliverable Length: 1,000 words


Objective: Explain the major philosophical principles that serve as the foundation for
quality management


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