Business and finance help with Protected ClassProtected Class

Please write 1000 word essay 3 page 12 font, time roman,citation ,references,and  double spaced addressing the following :

  • What type of employees are considered a protected class? 
  • Compare and contrast the Affirmative Action law briefly, against two of the U.S. laws aimed to prevent employment discrimination. 
  • Review the article Belief in a Just World and Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action and consider how the”Less well-understood notion of the relationship between deservingness and attitudes toward social provision to groups” (Wilkins & Wenger, 2014, p. 329) relates to the Affirmative Action policy.

EBSCO article: Wilkins, V. M., & Wenger, J. B. (2014). Belief in a just world and attitudes toward affirmative action. Policy Studies Journal, 42(3), 325-343. DOI:10.1111/psj.12063.