Business and industry profile a.‎Industry analysis b.‎ Regulatory Restrictions

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Our business idea is the expansion of Asnan Tower a leading dental facility in Kuwait that is considered the ‎biggest and the best in the Middle East.‎ In our facility we use nothing but the best for our customers discus the company basing on the following g instructions

4.‎  Business and industry profile a.‎Industry analysis b.‎  Regulatory Restrictions c.‎  Significant Trends d.‎  Growth Rate e.‎Key success factors in the industry f.‎  Outlook for the future ‎5.‎  Business strategy a.‎ Goals and Objectives – financial, operational and other b.‎  SWOT Analysis c.‎  Competitive Strategy ‎6.‎  Company products and services a.‎  Description b.‎  Features c.‎  Benefits d.‎  Warranties e.‎  Uniqueness f.‎  Patent or trademark protection g.‎  If a product, description of production process, costs, suppliers and raw material source.‎