Business case study

  • Stakeholders & Stakes
    • Scientists that discovered drug that killed similar parasite in horses
      • Reputation, $/well-being, job
    • Merck’s employees
      • Job, money, well-being
    • Merck’s senior management
      • Reputation, job, money,
    • Those affected by the disease
      • Family, their lives, health
    • Economy
      • Unknown result of medication after investing lump sum of money
    • Anyone using water in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America
      • At risk of getting disease

Read the case and read the stakeholders& stakes above. Complete the following: Economic Responsibilities: 1. How risks, costs/benefits would be justified to stakeholders. 2. Could put them out of business without any other innovation to bring in income. The paper needs external sources, and at least two pages. Please write it with thoughtful ideas.