Business Ethic

Read Resolving Ethical Business Challenges found in the textbook on pages 26-27 and answer each of the following:

  1. How serious of an ethic issue is this that Frank is facing?  If you think that it is very serious, at what point did it become so? = 4 points
  2. What level of moral intensity do you think Frank is perceiving in this situation?  In other words, how much social pressure is he feeling or harm he thinks will come as a result of his actions? = 4 points
  3. Re-read the list of individual factors found on pages 130 and 131 of the text.  How might these factors influence Frank’s actions in this situation? Explain. = 4 points
  4. Discuss the influence Amber, as the leader, has had on Frank’s actions.  How has she affected Frank’s view of this situation? = 3 points



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