Business Ethics

 Our first research project assignment will be to complete and submit an individual proposal (by Sunday midnight (Eastern Time). Each individual will emulate a business consultant working on a selected project with the final work product a PowerPoint presentation designed to be presented to the organization leadership. At the end of Mod 4 each individual will submit a fully documented PowerPoint presentation of not less than 15 and not more than 20 slides outlining the problem with problem analysis and the suggested solution. As with all assignments all sources used must be properly cited and referenced.

Research projects should:

  • Demonstrate a blend of professional expertise and personal credibility
  • Emphasize accountability
  • Emulate open and credible communication with reputable resources such as from EBSCOhost.

Individual Project Proposal

While the Mid Term deliverable is a PowerPoint presentation, each student will be encouraged to develop the project into a research paper that can be completed in lieu of the case study assignment earmarked for the final exam.

Assignment Submission Instructions: 

  1. Prepare you assignment offline in a word processing software such as Microsoft Office
  2. To submit your document, scroll to the bottom of the page, below any rubric if applicable and click the Add Submission button
  3. Drag and drop you paper to the File Submissions area, or browse for you file by clicking the Add.. icon 
  4. Check the box next to the original work acknowledgement statement
  5. Click the Save changes button to submit

Note: You may edit your submission up until the assignment is graded by your instructor or if requested by your instructor. To edit your submission, scroll to the bottom of the page, below any rubric if applicable and click the Edit Submissions button, and follow steps 3-5 above.

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