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Hey again

I went to the lecture and I wrote my notes so I need you to write a two pages about what I learned from the lecture and my reflection on it

here is the main Idea of the lecture

The main theme of this lecture is “business ethics”. There may come certain situations when temptation in our lives pulls us away from what we should be doing. This lecture stimulates the students by the question “how on earth one man can let his life get to point where he ends up in federal prison?” the lecture highlights how visionary skill, traits and leadership skills can be used both for positive and negative purposes. By telling story of one’s own, the lecturer claims that everyone makes his own decision and should not blame others rather he should take responsibility of his actions. The lecturer tells his story that he did not believe in business ethics rather he believed in “doing whatever it takes”. In our life it is difficult to commit something wrong for the first time but once it is done, doing it for second time will be easier. Same is the case with lecturer, however because of his life experience now he believes in business ethics and considers the concept “doing whatever it takes” subject to ethical framework.

do not try to copy anything from the main idea because my classmate did that and he’s going to give that to the professor

So try to write something related with the lecture

make it easy to understand and low level of vocabularies