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U2L1DB-describe one example of a type of contract that a person may be involved in at some point in their life.

U2L1J Which type of contract do you think is more likely to have fraud, concealment or misrepresentation involved, causing it to not be a genuine agreement? Be sure to identify the contract choice, identify which problem it is likely to have, and then explain why you think this problem is likely

U2L2COLLAB- Part 1: Write a scenario that would result in a defective Signing a contract agreement but do not identify what makes it defective.

U2L2J -Based on the reasons a contract may be defective, which reason do you think would be the hardest to prove? Be sure to explain why you think this would be hard to prov

U2L3-Post the following: Your name, indicate if you agree or disagree that minors should be able to return items they purchased while a minor. Also give a reason to support why you agree or disagree.

U2L3J -Give an example of when you think a minor should be able to enter into a contract. State why you think a minor should be allowed to enter into this contract.

U2L4C-Part 1: Write a scenario that demonstrates a breach of contract. It can not be similar to another person’s scenario. Do not identify specific type of breach that occurred, just describe it. Do not identify the damages that could be claimed

U2L4J-Explain three damages that a person can sue for if a contract is breached