Business Memo

Imagine having a discussion with the CEO of your organization about the diversity of the US population and the globalization of business. Leadership believes that it is important for employees to be able to work well with people who are different from them. The CEO wonders about the need for diversity training and asks you to let her know how you would approach such training.DirectionsReview the information in your textbook on linking training to the needs of the organization, the stages of instructional design, and employee development methods. Write a 1000-word business memo to the CEO responding to the items below.Follow the memo format in the Business Memo example provided here: Note that the questions in this Assignment relate to both Units 8 and 9. APA style is NOT required for business memos.1. List the stages of instructional design.2. List at least two appropriate training methods for delivering the diversity training.3. List at least two appropriate employee development methods to support diversity in the organization.