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For this project, you will identify a business that you would like to start either now or sometime in the future. You will write the executive summary that covers the major aspects of your business (this will often need minor adjustments once the plan is constructed). The executive summary should be very succinct (no more than one or two short paragraphs). Then write your company description using the business plan template. The description should also be short—no more than a page. Finally, you will describe the start-up management and personnel required. This section will be expanded later in the course to include longer term plans.

The Assignment should not exceed 2.5 double spaced pages. No citations or references are required this week. Use headings for every section.

Assignment checklist:

  • Develop an executive summary (sections 1 and 2 in business plan outline in Course Documents)
    • Product
    • Customers
    • What drives us (values)
  • Describe company, including the vision and mission statements.
    • Vision Statement
      • Describe your business’ overarching purpose and values. How will you assure that your vision statement communicates and operationalizes the purpose of your company and its values? How will you ensure that your vision is incorporated into everyday operations and that it motivates employees?
      • How will you assure your vision has support from your staff into the future —perhaps after you are no longer in control? (See the section under “Purpose and Values” in Chapter 5 of your text.)
    • Mission Statement
    • Describe the start-up management and personnel plan
      • Written explanation
      • Include table (in business plan outline)
    • Legal Structure

Access the rubric.

Submit your Assignment to the Dropbox after checking your grammar and spelling.