Business Proposal, communications homework help

Individual written proposal

You will have to produce an internal proposal addressed to the instructor as your supervisor. This proposal must:

Address a business problem of your choosing: The Killeen Indepenent School District is experiencing an unusually high number of bus driver and monitor vacancies for the current school year. Currently the District has over 50 bus driver vacancies and relies on other transportation staff to drive the vacant routes.

Highlight the company history: Killeen Independent School District

Contain an introduction to the problem

Provide at least four alternatives (with support) that you believe could correct

the problem

Provide a cost-benefit analysis (if needed)

Explain your recommended alternative to correct the problem

Implement a schedule with a timeline.

Be specific and detailed!

The company that I chose for the written proposal is Killeen Independent School District, the district has a serious issue with retaining bus drivers, they currently have 50 bus driver vacancies. I have attached instructions and formatting guidelines for this paper.