BUSN412 DeVry Week 1 Quality Management Training Program

Course Objectives:

CO2: Examine the tangible and intangible benefits of an effective quality program

CO3: Examine the influences of leadership and strategic intent on an effective quality program

Assignment Prompt:

This week you have studied the impact that leadership and strategy has on a company’s quality. Assume your organization’s management is preparing to place a new emphasis on continuous improvement in product and service quality. Your assignment is straight forward. For the company you created in week 1, develop a training program for your employees in the form of a PowerPoint program that highlights the following:

  1. The commitments you as the leader has placed on developing and installing a quality initiative that will have lasting affects on the company’s viability.
  2. The commitments you are asking all of your staff and employees to make towards improving the quality of your products and/or services.
  3. The commitments you are asking your vendors to make to help propel your business towards excellence in service and products.
  4. The commitments you and your team are making to your customers.
  5. What specific new strategies you are putting in place for the coming year to insure your organization is moving forward with growing your business through providing better value for your customers through excellence in product and service quality.

Assignment Instructions:

Use your creativity for this PowerPoint program, however, some of the elements that should be included are as follows:

  • A Template appropriate to the presentation
  • A minimum of 15 slides
  • Opening Title slide
  • Reference Slide at the end
  • Photos, clip art, and “Smart Art”
  • A well-organized “flow” to the presentation
  • A summation slide for the strategies you will measure your level of success with at the end of the next fiscal year