General requirements for constructing an annotated bibliography:Choose an organization to which you have complete access or one about which much has been written. The best reports will be able to draw on business or popular press articles, annual reports or other information produced in-house, published or personal interviews with CEO’s and other managers, newspaper articles, etc. If you are in the military and are planning to retire to the private sector, I encourage you to choose a private-sector organization – this will give your project more value when transitioning into a new field.For each module, you will write at least ONE page for each source you use, double-spaced. Make a separate entry for each source.Entries should summarize major themes, provide definitions/descriptions of major terms and concepts, and note any critical “learning points.”Entries should be stated in your own words. Do not copy sections of text or abstracts, or copy tables and charts.List three (3) sources that will give you information about your organization’s inputs, outputs, and transformation processes. Write them up as specified above and use the information to support your case analysis.Format your references in the bibliography using APA or another style so that the instructor can understand what reference you are listing. If you need help in formatting the references, see A Research Guide for Students.