Case Analysis

Team Project

Guidelines for Comprehensive Case Analysis

MGT 495

1. Table of contents. (5 points)

2. Introduction or an executive summary-one page. (10 pts)

3. External analysis:

a. Perform the Five forces Analysis of Competitive pressures in this industry. (50 pts)

b. Identify and explain the Key Driving Forces of the industry. (How is the market place changing?) (10 pts)

c. Construct a Strategic Group Map for the industry. (20 pts)

d. What does it take to succeed in this industry? Identify at least 3 Key Success Factors. (15 pts)

4. Internal company situation analysis:

a. identify and explain various components of the company’s strategy. (15 pts)

b. Perform an assessment of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. What does this assessment tell you about the company’s position in the market? (20 pts)

c. Based on the data in the case, assess the financial and operating performance of the

company. Support your analysis with data. (25 pts)

5. What are the major issues/problems the company must address for its future? (10 pts)

6. Provide alternative courses of action and suggest final recommendations to the company’s top management. (10 pts)

20 points is assigned for the organization of the paper, its presentation of the materials (e.g., graphs, charts, etc.), and its adherence to the stated guidelines.

Case: “Vera Bradley in 2015…” (Case # 6 in your textbook)