The goal of this assignment is to learn consumer behavior and decision making process.

Please select a product that you are going to buy in the near future.

When you go to buy that product/service, please pay very close attention to your own thought, feeling. Do I have prior experience in this product? How does that affect this purchase? What do I expect from this product? Do I have a particular brand in mind? How am I interacting with the salesperson? How is my mood? Is it influenced by anything including the store environment?

Write down this experience in detail with points. Now, go back to your book and try to theorize this experience with the help of concepts you have learned in the class (at least use 3 concepts). How does it differ from other consumer? Does it help you to better understand consumer behavior, how? What would you like to be changed and why.

*This is the product I’m going to work on check out the link: 


Assignmet #2. (1).docx 

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