Cases in Finance: Final Assignment

This assignment aims to assist students in identifying and developing key financial knowledge and skills that are necessary for conducting a planning, and assessment report of a company, and to communicate the results to internal and external users of financial information, based on lecture content, readings and exercises taken throughout the semester.Please read the task details on the next page:Students are to assume that you are a business consultant working on strategic corporate planning. You have been hired by the company (your selection) to provide effective actionable feedback. You need to demonstrate your level of understanding and assessment of the client’s situation. Explore what financial information would be important for you to distribute with the company and others. Identify what intervention strategies would be appropriate for you to put in place at this stage for the client going into the future.In this report students will:· Prepare an initial assessment report using a framework for assessment discussed in class or any other framework discussed in the literature;· Provide evidence of the use of applying financial knowledge in conducting your assessment;· Critically analyse the relevant indicators and values that were considered in the case;· Provide a forecasting account from your interpretations of company data and explorations into the optimal direction the company should take.GOALS:• Identify and elaborate on organizational position• Critically understand and apply tools for planning, and strategy• Classify and analyze financial data• Properly elaborate on financial indicators• Utilize financial records to interpret a company’s profitability, liquidity, current and future status• Determine a course of action for the organization based your findingsThis activity must meet the following formatting requirements:• Font size 12• 1500-2000• 1.5 Spacing• Harvard Referencing System