CFHD342 APUS Week 6 & 7 Forum Human Lifespan Development

Week 6 Forum

Societal changes have led to a change in the nature of initiation rites associated with transition into adulthood. Are young adults better off today as a result of the changes? What are some initiation rites that you experienced and did they help or hinder your transition into adulthood? Identify a rite of passage and discuss its impact on the transition into adulthood.

Week 7 Forum

Instructions: Please respond to the following questions: What do you think is the most challenging change/s in physical, cognitive, social or emotional development that occur in in late adulthood? What approaches would you recommend to alleviate some of the impact of these changes? If you believe that the changes are inevitable, why do you hold that belief? Support your writing with information from our readings.

**300 words minimum each**