CHANGE ANALYSIS AND PLAN (project), management homework help

·  The Change Analysis and Plan (CAP) or Project is designed to achieve two objectives:

o  Student demonstrates the ability to apply course models and content to an actual change situation or organizational problem.

o  By using the student’s own organization for the CAP, the student can demonstrate to his or her organization management a solution to a real problem.

·  Using the CAP Guideline (see assessment section in Blackboard) the student will apply the format in the guideline to his or her own organization to:

o  Describe the organization’s context;

o  Describe the management problem, using either the McKinsey 7-S, Weisbord Six-Box, or other approved (by me) diagnostic model.

o  Upon completion of the diagnosis, the student will develop a change initiative (using the Kotter 8-step model or another model approved by me and implementing using the AHF leadership model) and plan for implementation.

o  This CAP will be prepared using APA formatting, and must contain at least five external references using appropriate peer-reviewed journal articles (NOT WIKIPEDIA; NOT something just Googled). Student may use other articles for support from any source (except WIKIPEDIA)

Student will use 12-pt font size of Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font. 

I will apply the case later used for the CAP