CHE 462 ASU Memo for Carbon dioxide reduction solutions

You need first to read the file of carbon dioxide reduction, and then you need to read report memo solution for Carbon dioxide reduction solutions.

There are two solutions in the memo are:

1- The first solution established the use of natural gas and electric power instead of conventional fuels such as coal.

2- The second solution for carbon emission is where the company should use gas recovery solutions that allow the storage of organic compounds such as Carbon Dioxide.

** The project objective is to maximize ROI ( read the file uploaded which is called Carbon reduction for more explanation regarding the project report)

** choose one of these solutions above that you prefer and explain why you have picked it and write 2-3 pages regarding the solution you have chosen. I uploaded a file of an example of how it should be written to follow the instructions as well as I uploaded another file to give the instructions of how to write it. (please follow the instruction in order to make it simple)

**pleases use the same references in the memo and you can add more please.

**NO plagiarism!!!