Choose an international business topic, management homework help

One of the article and topic I chose is: 

Ko, H.-C., & Yang, M.-L. (2011). The Effects of Cross-Cultural Training on Expatriate Assignments. Intercultural Communication Studies , XX(1), 158-174.

1. Choose an international business topic

2. Read a minimum of three published articles on that topic.

3. Summarize the findings of these articles. 

4. Make conclusions about your topic, based on the literature. 

5. This is an individual assignment.  It involves a paper and a presentation.

  Literature Review Paper The paper should be written in APA format and have the following parts:

·  1. Introduction and explanation of the topic or problem

·  2. Analysis and summary of the findings from the literature; do not simply repeat the information found in the articles. 

·  3. Conclusions and recommendations

·  4. References: provide full references for each of the articles used for the paper

  Each part should start with one of the headings listed above.  It should be typed double-spaced