claims of negligence by the company, business and finance homework help

Deaar writer please do an excellent writting with this paper this instructor is very hard in grading you will have to google the book name for this assignment to find the etext or PDf form you will need it to do this assignment please remember to applique in text citation while writting i am going to upload the pic of the book so you can search it through google here are the instructions for this assignment:

Read the McDonalds Coffee case on pages 102 and the Palsgraf case on page 104.
Both cases involve claims of negligence by the company.

Support your answer with legal concepts from this week’s learning.

  • Discuss the facts in each case
  • Compare and contrast the holdings by the courts
  • How can you explain the holdings of the courts based on this week’s learning segments
  • How would you deal with these scenarios in these cases to prevent future claims
  • Would you propose any alternatives, if so what?

Be sure to provide in text citation and source information in APA format including a working URL.