CNU Legal Aspects of Engineering: Tort Law

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This is your first writing assignment. There are several issues here. You need to think about the issues fully and then organize your thoughts. You may have different laws which may apply. Be sure and utilize the four way crossover as well as any other information that you feel is relevant. Please remember that we have yet to look at the subject of tort law and therefore, please focus on the procedural aspects of a case like this. You may consider generally the idea of costa versus settlement or verdict but focus on the pleadings and the discovery and the ADR, please.

TRY AND REFRAIN FROM STATEMENTS THAT CONCLUDE THINGS TOO QUICKLY. Be thorough….I hate to say that something should be a certain number of pages… just be thorough and explain your reasoning.

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Rhoda Dendrum is the proud owner of a terrific plant store. She and her partner, Kris Anthemum, opened the store in 1998. They sell plants and other accessories for indoor gardening. In July of 2016, the store was going through a remodel. The Architect was a renowned local named William (Bill) Ding. He was hired to develop a plan to make the plan store more comfortable for customers so that customers would spend more time in the store. The consensus of opinion was that a comfortable store encourages more time spent in the store thus more money spent by consumers.The store was approximately 10,000 square feet, so this would obviously be a complex and a terrific project. The estimate project costs were 789,000 dollars.

The general contractor in charge of the project is Jack Hammer. The flooring company is owned ny Lynn O’Leum and the framer was a company named Rusty Nailz. The plumbing company is owned by Roy L. Dumpf.

One of the modifications was a flowing stream in the middle of the store. The stream was not properly constructed and as such there was slow seepage from the stream along the customers’ aisles. The seepage was caused by an improperly installed subflooring. No one wants to admit that he or she is responsible for the faulty work.

On July 5th, a customer by the name of Iona Mink slipped and fell and sustained injuries which are serious. The store is located in La Jolla, California. For the purposes of the the following questions, please do not analze the tort liability of the parties rather look at the procedural issues, please.

How can she find a lawyer and how should he hire him or her? What about the rate, court costs? What are her options? Assume that she hears about a lawyer named Kay Oss. What types of questions should Iona ask?

The attorney for the plant store for years has been Barry D Hatchett. He charges 300 per hour. If Iona hires Kay, where would the lawsuit be filed and why? Once the lawsuit is filed, what happens next? How does the defendant get involved?

Should Bill be hiring a lawyer? Please assume that there is no insurance. How should Bill hire one? Can Bill or the owners file cross complaints against each other? Please explain the nature of a cross complaint and why this is a good idea or a bad one in this case.

What about discovery in a civil suit. What is that? What types of discovery can and should happen in a case like this? Please fully explain. Why are these significant?

Iona also wants to try and avoid a trial. Is there any way to resolve this without a trial? What is the concept of ADR and how does it work? Please fully advise her. What are experts and what tye or types would you recommend here for either or both sides?

Please be thorough.