Code of Ethics

Consult the ethics code of the professional organization that best aligns with your interests. Review the ethical statements identified by the professional organizations that represent these professions and list at least 6 of the main or underlying moral principles or values stated in the organizations code of ethics; AND describe, in your own words, the importance of these ethical principles.Use sub-headings to identify 6 specific principles that align with the professional organization you’ve decided to adopt.If applicable, identify common elements that are applicable to some of the ethical concepts you’ve read about in this class.¬† The paper should be spaced at 1.5 and should be between¬†2 to 3 pages in lengthIf your interests aren’t represented below, you can explore an organization that’s of interest to you BUT you must include the URL to the organizations website with your submission.National Codes of EthicsInterpreters in Health Care Code of EthicsEthical Guidelines for Health ServiceAmerican College ofHealthcareExecutives Code of EthicsNational Association forHealthcareQuality Code of EthicsAmerican Health Information Management Association Code of EthicsAssociation forHealthcareDocumentation Integrity Code of EthicsCode of Ethics for Health information ProfessionalsCoalition of National Health Education Organizations Code of EthicsPrinciples of the Ethical Practice of Public HealthAmerican Medical Association Code of EthicsAmerican Dental AssociationCode of Ethics for Long-Term Care Providers (State of South Carolina)American College of Health Care Administrators Code of EthicsHCA