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Discussion Question:

During the first weeks of this class, you were put into groups. You were left to solve a series of problems. These problems revolved around your Google Groups. Now, I would like you to think back upon those meetings and answer the following USE EXAMPLES when possible. (If something negative happened, please do not use real names.)

1. How did the group follow the “Forming” of groups discussed in this chapter? I want to see discussion of each step from “Forming” on.

2. Your group either faced the fact that you had a problem/conflict, or your group fell into GroupThink. Look at your text. Describe what happened in your group in terms of what you find in the text regarding, “Conflict” and “GroupThink. Look at both.


  • Divide your answers into their parts.
  • Use bold headlines to separate the unique parts of each answer and complete the answer under the headline.
  • Include references to your text. These references must include APA citations.
  • Include personal observations, experiences, thoughts, examples and/or opinions related to the cited information.
  • Upload your initial posting by the day 3 of the class week.
  • Respond substantively to a minimum of two to other students by midnight of day 6 of the class week
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