Communication Discussion Board Questions and Responses

The discussion is intended to get you thinking about the way you “perceive” others who are different than you. Please watch the following videos and respond to the prompts below (500 word min. in total).

1) Please describe a time where you have felt that someone else has unfairly judged you based on the way you look, or because of a group membership you belong to (e.g., religious, political, sexual orientation( I am straight) , ethnic ( middle eastern, etc.).

2) How did this make you feel about yourself?

3) How did this make you feel about the person who incorrectly passed judgment on you?

4) Describe a time when you unfairly stereotyped an individual from a different culture? How did this make you feel once you realized you unfairly judged them?

For peer responses ( I have attached the document of the responses) : Respond to at least FIVE of your classmates’ post, addressing the following:

– How did reading their post make you feel? If you can relate, how so?

It is really important that you remain respectful to your classmates’ experiences. These are their experiences, through their eyes. Please do not belittle or downplay their experiences. A few sentences to a paragraph per response is fine.