Communication in the Information Age, communications homework help

COMM102 PAPER – Instructions:

Imagine you work in the public relations department of your company, or one in your chosen field. Your business does not currently have a social media policy to guide its interactions online. 

Research social media policies at several organizations. 

Draft a social media policy for your organization that you will share with upper management. This policy should include the appropriate use of social media at your place of business as well as identify effective communication techniques for communicating electronically. 

Introduce your policy by explaining the relevance of social media in the workplace and why your organization should adopt the policy you created. 

Format your introduction as an e-mail to your company leaders.

Present your policy recommendation to the employer in class simulating a situation in which he or she received your email and thought it had sufficient merit to be presented to the senior managers of the company.  Use Power Point or any other media desired to support your proposal.