Communication skills for leaders

Effective leaders use communication methods and an understanding of team dynamics to create effective teams. In today’s globalized workplace, team members may be culturally diverse, working together virtually via remote locations, and possibly from multiple generations. Along with creating an effective team, leaders must assist the team in having productive meetings in order to achieve the desired goals.You are a senior supervisor for the marketing department of a large company in the beginning stages of globalization (you may choose the industry’s focus). Your CEO has approached you with an offer of the position of marketing director and the opportunity to create your own global team. Along with two members from your Los Angeles base, you will need to also hire four additional team members, located in Japan and London, to work with overseas clients. This offer is contingent on approval by the board of directors Develop a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes to be used in the meeting you and your CEO will have with the board of directors to gain approval to promote you to the position and create this new team.Your presentation should:Assess the nature of the collaboration process to show the benefit of creating this team.Explain the characteristics you will seek and foster for team dynamics to support the organization’s expanding mission and objectives.Address how you will lead and develop a team that functions and collaborates both in person and virtually. Offer specific strategies that will enhance team meetings for your diverse and geographically distant team.Summarize how your leadership skills will help you implement strategies to enhance team cohesiveness and productivity. Offer specific examples of strategies you will employ.Include any other information you feel is relevant to persuade the board that you are the right person to lead this team.Minimum of 10 slides, slides must have speaker notes. Any graphics or images used should appropriately support the theme and/or content.