Community Agency Contribution, management homework help

5 page paper double spaced, Font size 12, Volunteer work at Scandinavian Middle School. Public school in Fresno Ca. Majority of the students are African American, Hispanic, and Asian. Low test Scores, housing low income area,


Reach out to community to recruit new students, offer extracurricular activities; after school program, campus culture, music, visual and performing arts, school clubs &a athletics, needs assistance with higher learning

Economic Theory Integration

Discuss integration of economics theories/models and service activities, Economic policy effect and govern education system (how schools run), Class size, school choice, teacher education and certification, curricular content are all subjects that are debatable, educational production is increasing, but still needs assistance( higher learning), Solow growth model(human capitol) and factors (poverty, productivity, population growth, etc

Self Reflection

Patience, discipline and building connections(advocate), Difference between certain school location, education spending and cuts effect on schools, connected economic concepts to service learning project, Grateful for teachers and higher learning

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