Community Based Learning Project: Red Cross is the organization I will be volunteering, management homework help

Assignment from nickkynickky

Community Based Learning Project: Red Cross is the organization I will be volunteering.

Volunteer 4 hours of your time through one or a combination of the listed activities then write a summary report a minimum of 250 words per hour volunteered. 

Reports should be submitted via the link below as a Word document attachment.  If you participate in multiple activities, consolidate all reports into one document.

Activity Options:

  • Volunteer with a local volunteer organization (e.g. Red Cross, city volunteer group, hospital, Salvation Army, United Way, animal shelter, food pantry, etc.)
  • Attend a local VOAD meeting
  • Attend a Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting
  • Attend a Skywarn training/meeting session; available seasonally
  • Attend a local amateur (ham) radio club meeting
  • Have another idea? Email the instructor for approval in advance.

Provide the following information for EACH activity in which you participate.

  1. Meeting attended or Volunteer Organization
  2. Date
  3. Time (Start and Finish times)
  4. Name of Volunteer Supervisor or Meeting Chair

Write a minimum of 250 words for each hour you volunteered.

For example, if you volunteer 2 hours for the local food pantry and attended a 2 hour VOAD meeting, you will submit two 500 word reports. One report for each activitiy.

Volunteer Experience Report Questions

  • Volunteer duties/accomplishments
  • What type of volunteer were you- unskilled, profesesional, etc.?
  • Did you receive any training?
  • Did you feel valued?
  • Observations
  • Problems encountered
  • How do your volunteer hours benefit the organization and augment the services they would be able to provide otherwise?
  • What actions could the organization take to improve their volunteer program?
  • What did the organization do well?

Volunteer and Response Agency Meetings

  • Provide an overview of agenda items discussed
  • Observations/Problems/Recommendations
  • What is the role of this organization in disaster response?
  • What types of agencies were represented at the meeting?
  • If you were a Volunteer Coordinator, would regular participation in this meeting be a good use of your time? why or why not?