Community Health Work Internship Plan

Please post the plan for your internship as agreed upon by the Agency Preceptor, Student and Faculty.

use the plan below and the attachmendt

Revise & Update Senior Guide with ECH Social Worker, Lisa Burke

A variety of independent living products and services are now available to help seniors remain in their own homes despite their changing physical needs. This helps delay and, in many cases, will totally avoid moving into assisted living or nursing homes. Every senior is different and has a unique set of reasons for wanting to stay in their homes, but we have common reasons among seniors:

1. The physical stress of moving

2. The fear of losing independence

3. Anxiety over leaving a community

4. Emotional ties to the family home

5. The fear of the unknown

My Internship Plan focus on update, revise every possible source to help seniors to stay in their homes. My plan focus areas are:

  1. Assist with Biological, Psychological & Social Wellness needs
  2. Planning to Stay safe in Home includes: fall prevention, Personal care, Home chores, prepare meals and money management.
  3. Health care includes: Health Insurance, Medical Appointment, Medication
  4. Legal Services and Financial assistance

References to my plan sources

  1. Federal Government sources
  2. Mayo Clinic
  3. Southeastern Minnesota Area Agency on Aging
  4. Aging and Disability Resource Centers
  5. Senior LinkAge Line